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Rundeck Plugins List

Rundeck Plugins List

This document lists the plugins distributed with Rundeck and Process Automation.

Also see: Plugin Development Guide.

More plugins can be found via:

Note: We are releasing new plugins all the time. This list may not fully list all included plugins. If you find one missing let us know!

Node StepCommandCalls system commands on remote nodesBuilt-in
Node StepScriptExecutes script contentsBuilt-in
Node StepScript FileExecutes script filesBuilt-in
Node StepScript URLDownloads and executes scripts from URLsBuilt-in
Node StepJob ReferenceCalls other jobsBuilt-in
Node StepCopy FileCopies a file to a remote nodeBuilt-in
Node StepLocal CommandExecute system commands locallyBuilt-in
Node StepData NodeProduces data values for a nodeBuilt-in
Node StepJiraCreates or updates Jira issuesEnterprise
Node StepSQL RunnerExecutes SQL scripts against JDBC URLsEnterprise
Node StepVMwareControls VMware VMs' power stateEnterprise
Workflow StepAnsible moduleRuns Ansible modulesBuilt-in
Workflow StepAnsible playbook inlineRuns Ansible playbooks inlineBuilt-in
Workflow StepAnsible playbookRuns Ansible playbooksBuilt-in
Workflow StepGlobal variableDefines a global variable that can be used across all job stepsBuilt-in
Workflow StepFlow controlAllows you to control the flow of a job by printing a status between job steps or haltingBuilt-in
Workflow StepJob state conditionalAllows you to only run a job based on the execution status of another jobBuilt-in
Workflow StepLog data stepAllows you to log all the context data values and view them in a table.Built-in
Workflow StepRefresh project nodesAllows you to refresh all of the nodes in a projectBuilt-in
Workflow StepData stepproduces data values for the current nodeBuilt-in
Workflow StepJiraCreates or updates Jira issuesEnterprise
Workflow StepFile TransferTransfers files via FTP, SFTP or HTTPEnterprise
Workflow StepGithubRuns scripts from a GitHub repoEnterprise
Workflow StepProgress BadgeCreate graphic badges in log outputEnterprise
Workflow StepServiceNowCreates or modifies ServiceNow® casesEnterprise
Workflow StepVMwareCreates or modifies VMware VMsEnterprise
NotificationsEmailSends emails when a job finishesBuilt-in
NotificationsWebhooksSends HTTP POST data to a URL when a job finishesBuilt-in
NotificationsJiraCreates or modifies Jira issues when a job finishesEnterprise
NotificationsServiceNowComment or Create an Incident on ServiceNow®Enterprise
Workflow StrategyRulesetDefines rules for when steps in a workflow should runEnterprise
Node OrchestratorRandom SubsetSelects a maximum number of the target nodes at randomBuilt-in
Node OrchestratorRanked TieredProcesses nodes in a tiered manner, ordered by rankBuilt-in
Node OrchestratorMax PercentageProcesses at maximum a percentage of the target nodesBuilt-in
Node OrchestratorHighest/Lowest Attribute ValuePicks one node with either the highest or lowest value of a certain attributeEnterprise
Log FilterMask PasswordsMasks secure input option values from being emitted in the logsBuilt-in
Log FilterRender Formatted DataAllows marking formatted data as a certain data typeBuilt-in
Log FilterKey-Value DataCaptures key/value dataBuilt-in
Log FilterQuiet OutputSupresses patterns of outputBuilt-in
Log FilterHighlight OutputHighlights patterns of outputBuilt-in
Log FilterProgress BadgeCreate graphic badges in log outputEnterprise
Content ConverterHTML Table ViewRenders structured data as a HTML tablesBuilt-in
Content ConverterHTML ViewRenders embedded HTMLBuilt-in
Content ConverterJSON DataParses JSON into a Java objectBuilt-in
Content ConverterMarkdownRenders Markdown as HTMLBuilt-in
Content ConverterPropertiesParses Java style Properties data into a Java objectBuilt-in
Content ConverterTabular DataParses Tabular text (csv) into a a Java objectBuilt-in
Log StorageAzure StorageStores log files in Azure StorageCommunity
Log StorageAmazon S3Stores log files in Amazon S3Community
Node ExecutionNode ExecutionBuilt-in
Node ExecutionScriptUses a script to execute commands on remote nodesBuilt-in
Node ExecutionSSHUses SSH to execute commands on remote nodesBuilt-in
Node ExecutionPowershellUses PowerShell to execute commands on remote nodesEnterprise
Node ExecutionSSH BastionProvides a node-executor and file-copier supporting ssh actions through a bastion hostCommunity
Node ExecutionOpenSSHProvides a node-executor and file-copier using OpenSSHBuilt-in
Resource Model SourceResource Model SourceImports nodes from a sourceBuilt-in
Resource Model SourceResource EditorAllows you to edit nodes in a text editorBuilt-in
Resource Model SourceAWSPopulates your nodes from EC2Community
Resource Model SourceAzurePopulates your nodes from AzureCommunity
Resource Model SourceServiceNowPopulates your nodes from ServiceNow's®CMDBEnterprise
Resource Model SourceVMwarePopulates your nodes from a VSphere ESXi server or VCenter ServerEnterprise
Resource FormatXMLXML Format for Resource ModelsBuilt-in
Resource FormatYAMLYAML Format for Resource ModelsBuilt-in
Resource FormatJSONJSON Format for Resource ModelsBuilt-in
SCMGitImports or exports jobs from a Git repositoryCommunity
SCMJob ReplicationReplicates job state between Rundeck Cluster instancesEnterprise
SSOOktaAllows you to use Okta to log into RundeckEnterprise
Storage ConverterEncyptionEncrypts Key Storage and Project configuration dataBuilt-in
WebhookRun JobRuns a job when a webhook event is receivedBuilt In
WebhookRouting Run JobAdvanced rule processing of webhook event data to run jobs.Enterprise