# Bundled Plugins

Rundeck comes with several plugins out of the box. Built-in plugins are part of the core installation, and do not have an associated plugin file. Bundled plugins come packaged in a plugin file, and are installed in the libext dir automatically at installation time.

# SSH Plugins

Defines SSH Node Executor and SCP File Copier.

File: none (built-in)

# Built-in Resource Model Sources

Rundeck comes with four built-in Resource Model Source providers, see Resource Model Source Plugins:

  • File: Parses a file in one of the supported Model Source Formats
  • Directory: Scans all files in a directory in one of the supported formats
  • URL: Loads a file from a URL in one of the supported formats

File: none (built-in)

# Built-in Resource Model Formats

Rundeck comes with three Resource Model Format plugins, see Resource Model Source Plugins:

File: none (built-in)

# Script Plugin

Defines Script Node Executor and Script File Copier.

For more detail see Script Plugin.

Executes an external script file to perform the command, useful for developing your own plugin with the Script Plugin Development model.

File: rundeck-script-plugin-4.3.1-20220615.jar

# Stub Plugin

Provides a Node Executor, File Copier, and Resource Model Source. This plugin can be used for testing.

The stub-plugin includes these providers:

  • stub for the NodeExecutor service
  • stub for the FileCopier service
  • stub for the ResourceModelSource service

(Refer to Configuring - Node Execution to enable them.)

This plugin does not actually perform any remote file copy or command execution, instead it simply echoes the command that was supposed to be executed, and pretends to have copied a file.

This is intended for use in testing new Nodes, Jobs or Workflow sequences without affecting any actual runtime environment.

You can also test some failure scenarios by configuring the following node attributes:

If set to false, the stub command execution will simulate command failure
Simulate the return result code from execution

You could, for example, disable or test an entire project's workflows or jobs by simply setting the project.properties node executor provider to stub.

File: rundeck-stub-plugin-4.3.1-20220615.jar

# Local Execution Plugin

A Node Step plugin which executes a command locally instead of on a target node.

File: rundeck-localexec-plugin-4.3.1-20220615.jar

# Job State Plugin

Provides a Workflow Step:

  • Job State Conditional: Can query and assert the state of another Job, such as running, succeeded, failed, etc, and optionally halt the current execution.

File: rundeck-job-state-plugin-4.3.1-20220615.jar

# Flow Control Plugin

Provides a Workflow Step:

  • Flow Control: Can halt the execution with a custom status, useful as an Error handler.

File: rundeck-flow-control-plugin-4.3.1-20220615.jar

# Jasypt Encryption Plugin

Provides an encryption storage converter for the Storage facility. Can be used to encrypt the contents of Key Storage, and Project Configuration stored in the DB or on disk.

This plugin provides password based encryption for storage contents. It uses the Jasypt (opens new window) encryption library. The built in Java JCE is used unless another provider is specified, Bouncycastle (opens new window) can be used by specifying the 'BC' provider name.

Password, algorithm, provider, etc can be specified directly, or via environment variables (the *EnvVarName properties), or Java System properties (the *SysPropName properties).

To enable it, see Configuring - Storage Converter Plugins.

See also: Key Storage

Provider type: jasypt-encryption

The following encryption properties marked with * can be set directly, using the property name shown, but they can all also be set dynamically using either an Environment variable, or a Java System Property. Append either EnvVarName for the environment variable, or SysPropName to use the Java System Property. If a System Property is specified: it is read in once and used by the initialization of the converter plugin, then the Java System Property is set to null so it cannot be read again.

Configuration properties:


Jasypt Encryptor to use. Either basic, strong, or custom. Default: 'basic'.

  • basic uses algorithm PBEWithMD5AndDES
  • strong requires use of the JCE Unlimited Strength policy files. (Algorithm: PBEWithMD5AndTripleDES)
  • custom is required to specify the algorithm.

the password.


the encryption algorithm.


the provider name. 'BC' indicates Bouncycastle.


Java class name of the provider.


Number of hashes to use for the password when generating the key, default is 1000.

Example configuration for the Key Storage facility:


Example configuration for the Project Configuration storage facility:


File: rundeck-jasypt-encryption-plugin-4.3.1-20220615.jar

# Git Plugin

Provides SCM Export and SCM Import providers for Git.

File: rundeck-git-plugin-4.3.1-20220615.jar

# Copy File Plugin

Provides a Node Step that can copy a file to a node, using the Node's File Copier.

File: rundeck-copyfile-plugin-4.3.1-20220615.jar

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