# September 2019 Update

3.0.0, 3.1.1, 3.1.2, 3.1.3

# Upgrading

See the upgrade documentation here.

# Enhancements

# Webhooks (incubating)

Much anticipated and maximally useful.. Webhooks have landed in Rundeck! This new incubating feature empowers Rundeck to receive JSON events and direct them to jobs. Check out the Webhook Docs for instructions on enabling the feature and full details.

Destroy your FOMO, never miss an important event!
Destroy your FOMO, never miss an important event!

# Job Options

Job options display has been enhanced in the activities list and execution view. This should provide better visual separation between the option names and option values.


# Development

  • Allow notification to use workflow exported variables #5139
  • API to list installed plugins #5259
  • Externalize Vue in webpack builds #5217

# Docker

  • Added ldap nestedGroups setting to remco template #5100

# Misc

  • 🌈 Upgrade font awesome to 5.10.2 #5269
  • Execution log parsing has been speed up to improve log loading speed #5253
  • New scm_import and scm_export ACLs for job writers #5176

# Bug Fixes

  • Fix exception on average duration exceeded notification #5153
  • Plugin uninstaller can now uninstall manually installed plugins #5258
  • Fix error when editing jobs option with enforced values #5146
  • Display correct time on job activity page #5125