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Tabular Data Converter

Tabular Data Converter

Parses Tabular text (csv) into a a Java object.

The HTML Table View Converter plugin can render this as a HTML Table.

Expected content data type: text/csv.

The default separator is a comma, but another separator can be specified with the sep parameter:

  • space - space character
  • tab - tab character
  • comma - comma character
  • vertbar - vertical bar character (|)
  • <anything> - any string

If the header parameter is true, Or if the second row of data is all - (hyphen) characters, the first row of data will be used as the header names.

Additionally if the data type contains ;header=present a header is assumed present.

Input Types

  • text/csv - String
  • text/csv;header=present - String CSV data with header row

Output Types

  • application/x-java-col-list - List