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Available in PagerDuty Process Automation Commercial products.

This feature allows Rundeck to create Calendars at the System or Project level. Calendars define dates and times, and whether they these times are blackout or allowed for scheduled jobs.

Blackout Calendars
Scheduled Jobs won’t run on the matching dates and times, but will run on other dates and times.
Allowed Calendars
Scheduled Jobs are allowed to run on the matching dates and times, but not on any other dates and times.


  • If calendars overlap the Blackout Calendars will take precedence and prevent the job from running.
  • Blackout Calendars are not considered Misfired Jobs.

Calendars can be defined at system level as System Calendars or project level as Project Calendars.

System Calendars
Can be applied for all Jobs on all Rundeck Projects, or to all Jobs on selected Projects.
Project Calendars
Will be applied for all Jobs on the project or only for selected Jobs in that Project.

Disable Calendars feature

If there is a need to disable the calendars feature, add the following settings to


(Setting the value to 'true' or removing line will enable the feature.)


Note: This will not prevent manual execution of jobs. It will only affect scheduled jobs.