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Project Schedules (Enterprise)

Project Schedules (Enterprise)

Available in PagerDuty Process Automation Commercial products.

Project Schedules allow you to define Schedules independently of Jobs. Schedules can apply to any Jobs in the Project. Schedule definitions can be exported into, and imported from, Project Archives.


Currently only project admins will be able to access the Schedules module. In a future release there will be more granular ACL based access assigned.


In the Project Sidebar navigation there is now a link called Schedules:

Project Schedules Sidebar
Project Schedules Sidebar

You can click New Schedule to create a new Schedule:

New Schedule
New Schedule

Enter a Name, and optional Description.

Retain Schedules

For jobs developed without Project Schedules assigned to them, the schedules may become disconnected from those jobs when importing them via SCM or other methods. The Retain Schedules checkbox is used to maintain job-to-schedule associations currently assigned when a job is imported without schedules. To retain the schedule assignment when importing a job, check this box.

Additional Clarification

This feature was introduced in version 5.2.0. For backwards compatibility leave the checkbox off (default). If schedules are being disconnected from jobs upon import and that behavior is not desired, check the box for each schedule where jobs should remain scheduled.

This has no impact on schedules configured directly on the job, only Project Schedule associations.


Under Schedule you can choose Simple or Crontab, exactly like Job Schedules.

Schedule Crontab
Schedule Crontab


For crontab format, see this tutorialopen in new window

There is also a helpful crontab expression builder here open in new window

Optionally enter a Time Zone.

Click Save.

The Schedule will appear in the list:

Schedule List
Schedule List

Schedule Actions

The Actions menu for a Schedule will show these options:

Action Menu
Action Menu

Edit Schedule

Select Edit Schedule to modify the definition.

Assign to Job

Select Assign To Job to choose jobs that the Schedule applies to.

Assign Jobs to Schedule
Assign Jobs to Schedule

Assigned jobs will be shown on the left, and available jobs will be shown on the right. You can search for jobs using the search fields to search by name or group.

Click on a Job to assign it to the Schedule.

Click Unassign to unassign an assigned Job.

Click Set Job Options... on an assigned Job to enter Option values to run the Job.

Set Job Options
Set Job Options

You can enter options in the form -optname value separated by spaces. Click Save to save the Job option values.

These values will be used when the schedule is triggered, instead of the default option values set in the Job Options.

Click Save to save the Job assignments.

The Schedule List will indicate how many Jobs are assigned to the Schedule. You can click on the Schedule to see the list of assigned Jobs.

Assigned Job List
Assigned Job List

Download Schedule

Select Download Schedule to download a YAML formatted file containing the Schedule Definition.

See Schedule Definition.

Delete Schedule

Select Delete Schedule to delete the Schedule.

Upload Schedule

Click Upload Schedule to upload a YAML schedule definition.

Upload Schedule
Upload Schedule

Bulk Delete

If you want to delete multiple schedules, you can click the Bulk Delete button above the Schedule List.

Select one or more schedules and choose Delete Selected Schedules.

Bulk Delete
Bulk Delete

Schedule Definition

Schedules can be defined in YAML format as shown below. Multiple schedules can be included in a single file.

- description: every day at noon
  id: 166
  name: Noon refresh
  project: schedules-demo
    dayOfWeek: MON,TUE,WED,THU,FRI
    hour: '12'
    minute: '00'
    month: JAN,APR
  timeZone: ''
  type: SIMPLE
- crontabString: 0 */5 * ? * * *
  description: every 5 minutes
  id: 167
  name: Test
  project: schedules-demo
  timeZone: ''
  type: CRON

name: Schedule name (required)

description: Description (optional)

timeZone: Time Zone string (optional). Either an abbreviation such as "PST", a full name such as "America/Los_Angeles", or a custom ID such as "GMT-8:00".

type: either CRON or SIMPLE.

crontabString: Required if the type is CRON, specifies the crontab formatopen in new window

schedule: Required if the type is SIMPLE, specifying hour,minute,month, and dayOfWeek:

  • hour: Hour of day
  • minute: Minutes in hour
  • dayOfWeek: Either * for all days, or comma separated list of three-letter day abbreviations. SUN,MON,TUE,WED,THU,FRI,SAT
  • month: Either * for all months, or comma separated list of three-letter month abbreviations. JAN,FEB,MAR,APR,MAY,JUN,JUL,AUG,SEP,OCT,NOV,DEC

Feature Flag

To disabled the Project Schedules feature, add the following settings to