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Azure Log Storage Plugin

Azure Log Storage Plugin

The Azure Storage plugin uses Azure Storage to store execution log files, for backup or for a cluster environment behavior.

The source code lives at in new window.

Enable the plugin

Enable the ExecutionFileStorage provider named azure-storage in your file:



To configure the Azure Storage Account credentials you can set these property values:

  • storageAccount: Azure Storage Account

  • accessKey: Azure Storage Access Key

  • path: The path in the bucket to store a log file.

    You can use these expansion variables:

    • ${job.execid} = execution ID
    • ${job.project} = project name
    • ${} = job UUID (or blank).
    • ${} = job group (or blank).
    • ${} = job name (or blank)

You can define the configuration values in by prefixing the property name with the stem: Or in a project's file with the stem

For example:

#storage.storageAccount and storage.accessKey<ACCOUNT-NAME><ACCESS-KEY>

#path to store the logs${job.project}/${job.execid}.log


This will work only if the generated paths follow the naming conventions for Azure Storage servicesopen in new window.

(Enterprise Version only):

The Azure Storage Enterprise Version includes the checkpoint property which enables an incremental update to the execution log across the members of the cluster. To use the pro version of this plugin (3.4.4+), please use the following on the

And on the<STORAGE_ACCOUNT_NAME><STORAGE_ACCESS_KEY>${job.project}/${job.execid}