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HTML Table View Converter

HTML Table View Converter

Note: this plugin accepts Intermediate data types and produces text/html

Renders structured data as a Table in HTML. The input should be a List or Map. If the List contains Maps, the first item's keys will be the table headers.

Input Data Types

These are Intermediate data types, such as Java Collection types. These types are produced by other plugins, see [Related Plugins].

  • application/x-java-map-list + List<Map> * Renders a Table, using the keys of the first Map in the list as the Table headers.
  • application/x-java-col-list + List * Renders a Table, using the first item in the list as a list of Table headers. Each subsequent item is a row, as a Collection of objects, and each object will be rendered in a table cell, recursively if it is a List or Map.
  • application/x-java-map + Map * Renders a table with Key and Value headers, where each map entry is a row. Recursively renders values that are List or Map type.
  • application/x-java-list + List * Renders a table without headers, with a row for each item. The first column indicates the numeric index, and the second column renders the item, recursively for List or Map types.
  • application/x-java-map-or-list + Map or List * Used to accept an input type that could be either a List or Map.

Output Data Types

  • text/html - String


These metadata values can be set in the Log metadata with a prefix of content-meta::

  • css-class - CSS class to use for Table
  • table-title - Title to use for Table