# HTML Table View Converter

Note: this plugin accepts Intermediate data types and produces text/html

Renders structured data as a Table in HTML. The input should be a List or Map. If the List contains Maps, the first item's keys will be the table headers.

# Input Data Types

These are Intermediate data types, such as Java Collection types. These types are produced by other plugins, see [Related Plugins].

  • application/x-java-map-list + List<Map> * Renders a Table, using the keys of the first Map in the list as the Table headers.
  • application/x-java-col-list + List * Renders a Table, using the first item in the list as a list of Table headers. Each subsequent item is a row, as a Collection of objects, and each object will be rendered in a table cell, recursively if it is a List or Map.
  • application/x-java-map + Map * Renders a table with Key and Value headers, where each map entry is a row. Recursively renders values that are List or Map type.
  • application/x-java-list + List * Renders a table without headers, with a row for each item. The first column indicates the numeric index, and the second column renders the item, recursively for List or Map types.
  • application/x-java-map-or-list + Map or List * Used to accept an input type that could be either a List or Map.

# Output Data Types

  • text/html - String

# Options

These metadata values can be set in the Log metadata with a prefix of content-meta::

  • css-class - CSS class to use for Table
  • table-title - Title to use for Table
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