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The Email plugin is a builtin notification plugin that sends emails when a job succeeds or fails.

Email Notification
Email Notification

Include log output

Add the log output from the execution to the email. There are two options where put the log:

  • Attached as file to email: put the log output as an attached file. The attached file extension can be controller using template settings. See Email Settings: Custom Attached Log Output File above.

  • Inline to the email: the log will be added to the email body. If you use custom templates, you will need to add the variable ${} on the template in order to pass the log on the email body.

Send Email to

Enter either comma-separated email addresses for email notification, or comma-separated URLs for webhook notification.

In the field for "Send Email to" you can also use these variables as property references:

  • ${} - the user who executed the job
  • ${} - the email of the executing user if set in their user profile

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