# Version 2.6.3

# Release 2.6.3


Date: 2016-02-25

Name: "cafe bonbon dodgerblue leaf"

# Notes

Primarily bug fixes, and some enhancements:

  • Asynchronous nodes cache. Per-project and global toggle and configurable retention delay. By default, projects now use an asynchronous method for retrieving Node data from Resource Model Sources. You should see an improvement in page load when using slow model sources (such as a URL for a slow endpoint).
  • Performance improvements with many thousands of Nodes. The Nodes and Commands page, as well as other places where Nodes are loaded (e.g. Job editor) now should be much more responsive when you have e.g. 20K nodes. The Nodes page now uses result paging, and some parts of the UI now truncate the result set as well if you have many nodes.

# Contributors

  • Alex Honor (ahonor)
  • Bryon Williams
  • Greg Schueler (gschueler)
  • Luis Toledo
  • Miguel A. Fuentes Buchholtz (miguelantonio)
  • Rophy Tsai (rophy)
  • mathieuchateau

# Bug Reporters

  • Alicia-Solinea
  • SydOps
  • ahonor
  • ajxb
  • arminioa
  • bryonwilliams
  • gschueler
  • kamaradclimber
  • kmusard
  • ltamaster
  • makered
  • mathieuchateau
  • obrienmorgan
  • rasebo
  • richiereynolds
  • robizz
  • rophy
  • schast
  • snebel29
  • ssbarnea

# Issues