# Version 2.0.0

# Release 2.0.0


Date: 2014-01-31

Rundeck 2.0.0 introduces a large number of major changes. We have revamped the entire UI and overhauled the underpinnings. Our goals were to improve the user experience and cut down some of the technical debt which had accrued.

Note that the documentation is still being updated. We will update it as it improves at http://rundeck.org/2.0.0

Before you upgrade to Rundeck 2.0, please be sure to read the Upgrading Guide located in the documentation.

Many thanks to everyone who was able to contribute ideas, feedback, code, time or money in helping us to improve Rundeck.

# Notable Changes

  • New feature: live execution state view
    • Live view of job executions to see what step is running on which node.
    • Instantly drill in to view the output for the step and node that failed
    • View node metrics and collated output.
    • Please give a big thank-you to (an anonymous) "sponsored development client" for funding the work for this feature!
  • New Projects home page displays readme and message of the day files that can be customized with markdown to display notices to users
  • Improved Node filter
    • Now supports all custom node attributes
    • New filter expression syntax, simple examples:
      • tags: a+b filters by tags
      • environment: (prod|qa) Regular expression filter on an attribute called environment
    • New simpler UI
  • Improved Nodes page to better navigate the data about the nodes in your infrastructure
    • Navigate nodes through attribute links
    • Run a job or execute a command from filter sets
  • New Commands page dedicated to ad hoc command execution.
    • Controls over thread count and error handling
    • Reference saved defined filters or express your own.
  • Step descriptions for workflow steps. Give your step a brief description, which will be displayed during execution.
  • Improved Activity views with tabbed views for common queries
    • Tabs for Now running, recent, errors and executions by you.
  • Box score metrics for executions. Use Rundeck as an information radiator.
    • Percent completed and Success/Failure metrics displayed for each execution

# Enhancements

  • New coat of paint: new logo, new GUI style using Bootstrap 3 and Flatly theme
  • Caching and error catching for resource model source plugins
  • Execution model API and json representation stored with log output
  • Optimized internals to reduce service loading time
  • Cruft removal (legacy formats and syntaxes), upgraded frameworks
  • Copy file step plugin copies files from rundeck server to remote nodes.
  • API
    • Better REST-ful behavior
    • removed use of 302 redirects between requests and some responses
  • JDK7 support

The Rundeck organization on github is the new location for the Rundeck application source code as well as other associated projects:

Additionally, the Rundeck-plugin for Jenkins is now maintained by the core Rundeck project maintainers.

(Special thanks to Vincent Behar who originally created both the rundeck-api-java-client and rundeck-plugin projects.)

# Get in touch

Please let us know about any issues you find, or just if you like the new look:

# Acknowledgements

  • Alex Honor
  • Greg Schueler
  • Damon Edwards
  • John Burbridge
  • Moto Ohno
  • Kim Ho
  • Matt Wise at Nextdoor.com
  • Etienne Grignon at Disney
  • Srinivas Peri and Aya Ivtan at Adobe
  • Mark Maun and Eddie Wizelman at Ticketmaster
  • Vincent Behar
  • As well as (anonymous) Sponsored Development Clients - thank you!

# Issues

# Fixed in beta1