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Rundeck Release Calendar

Rundeck Release Calendar

Process Automation offers support for released versions up to one year from release date. The following calendar represents the currently supported versions and their original release dates. It is strongly recommended to plan upgrades ahead of the one year anniversary.

Updated versions can be downloaded from https://download.rundeck.comopen in new window

Upgrade instructions can be found hereopen in new window.

Release VersionRelease DateEnterprise Support Status
5.3.0May 20th, 2023Supported
5.2.0April 10th, 2024Supported
5.1.2March 28th, 2024Supported
5.1.1March 5th, 2024Supported
5.1.0February 14th, 2024Supported
5.0.2February 12th, 2024Supported
5.0.1January 15th, 2024Supported
5.0.0December 14th, 2023Supported
4.17.6April 2nd, 2024Maintenance Support
4.17.5March 4th, 2024Maintenance Support
4.17.4December 13th, 2023Maintenance Support
4.17.3November 13th, 2023Maintenance Support
4.17.2November 7th, 2023Maintenance Support
4.17.1October 16, 2023Maintenance Support
4.17.0September 25, 2023Maintenance Support
4.16.0August 23rd, 2023Maintenance Support
4.15.0July 25th, 2023Maintenance Support
4.14.2July 13th, 2023Maintenance Support
4.14.1June 22th, 2023Maintenance Support
4.14.0June 15th, 2023Maintenance Support


With the release of version 5.0.0 the 4.x series was placed into Maintenance Support status. All fixes to the product will be made in the 5.x series. Critical bugs may be back ported to the 4.x series as determined by the PagerDuty Automation Product Team.

The 4.x series will not be provided back port security fixes after the 1 year anniversary of 5.0.0 on December 14th, 2024.

Any versions not listed here are now out of support. We encourage everyone on these versions to update to a currently supported version.