# Version 2.10.7

# Release 2.10.7


Date: 2018-03-05

Name: "cafe mocha crimson sunglasses"

# Upgrading from Earlier versions

# Notes

Some bugfixes, and some improvements to Git SCM plugin:

  • Export: Option to Synchronize automatically during fetch (default: false)
  • Import: Option to Pull automatically when fetching (default: true)
  • new Clean button in the GUI: allows removing local git repo
  • Import: automatic Tracking init during Setup, if you use a regular expression
    • API improvement: does not require a second step after setup to initialize Git Import
  • Export: Push Remotely is checked by default when making commits
  • (see full details #PR3152)

# Contributors

  • Greg Schueler (gschueler)
  • Jaime Tobar (jtobard)
  • Rene Fragoso (ctrlrsf)

# Bug Reporters

  • SpencerMalone
  • ctrlrsf
  • gentunian
  • jtobard

# Issues

Milestone 2.10.7