# Version 2.2.0

# Release 2.2.0


Date: 2014-07-11

New features:

  • Job timeout: specify a maximum duration for a job. If the job execution exceeds this duration, it will be halted (as if killed manually). You can use a simple format like "120m" (120 minutes) or "2h" (2 hours). You can specify the timeout via a job option by setting it to ${option.name}. This only affects the job when executed directly, not when run as a job reference.
  • Job retry: specify a maximum retry attempt for a job. If the job fails or is timed out, it will be retried. The maximum value can be specified via a job option if set to ${option.name}.
  • Delete executions: delete executions individually or in bulk. Requires a 'delete_execution' action allowed via aclpolicy.

Some bug fixes are included, as well as some pull requests to enhance the LDAP login module:

Upgrade notes:

Several domain fields were added. Mysql and H2 should upgrade in place without issue.

# Contributors

  • jdmulloy
  • Greg Schueler (gschueler)
  • Alex Honor (ahonor)
  • new23d
  • Bart van der Schans (schans)
  • Andreas Knifh (knifhen)

# Issues