# Version 2.4.0

# Release 2.4.0


Date: 2014-12-16

Name: "americano indigo briefcase"

This release has bug fixes and new features, including some GUI improvements.

# New Features

  • Job references can override Node Filters. See updates to XML and YAML job definition formats as well.
  • Job and Option descriptions can contain markdown and HTML. For Jobs, the first line is the short description, and following lines are interpreted as markdown.
  • MSSQL compatibility
  • Some GUI tweaks and changes
    • A new Action menu is available next to the Job name in job listing and view pages. Actions include Edit, Duplicate, Delete, and download XML/YAML definitions.
    • The Delete Job link in the Job Edit page has been removed
    • The Job Edit link in job lists has been replaced with an Action menu
    • Hovering on job name in job lists now triggers the detail popup after a slight delay. Previously it was triggered by hovering on the Edit link.
    • Execution follow page layout has been rearranged
    • Added extended Job descriptions (sanitized Markdown/html)
    • Job Edit/Create page: you are now asked to confirm navigation away from the page if you have made changes to the Job

# Incubator features

  • Parallel step execution

    • this can be enabled with rundeck-config.properties entry:

  • ssh-agent forwarding for ssh connections

    • this can be enabled per node, project, or server framework.properties:

        framework.local-ttl-ssh-agent=<time in sec>


        project.local-ttl-ssh-agent=<time in sec>

      Node properties:

        local-ttl-ssh-agent=<time in sec>

# Compatibility notes

A bug in API v11 XML responses caused them to sometimes be incorrectly wrapped in a <result> element, this has now been corrected. See the API Docs for information. The Rundeck API Java Client library has been updated to workaround this issue (for previous versions of Rundeck).

# What is "americano indigo briefcase"?

New versions of Rundeck will have a name based on the version number. The 2.x theme is Coffee, and 2.4.x is "americano". The point release defines a combination of color and icon we can display in the GUI for easier visual differentiation. 2.4.0 is "indigo briefcase".

Why yes, I'd like an americano, thank you.

# Contributors

  • Alex Honor (ahonor)
  • Greg Schueler (gschueler)
  • Jason (jasonhensler)
  • Jonathan Li (onejli)
  • Mathieu Payeur Levallois (mathpl)
  • Ruslan Lutsenko (lruslan)
  • mezbiderli

# Bug Reporters

  • Whitepatrick
  • adamhamner
  • ahonor
  • danifr
  • davealbert
  • foundatron
  • gmichels
  • gschueler
  • jasonhensler
  • jcmoraisjr
  • katanafleet
  • lruslan
  • mathpl
  • mezbiderli
  • new23d
  • onejli
  • ujfjhz
  • zarry

# Issues