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4.15.0 Release Notes

4.15.0 Release Notes

Name: "Banshee fuchsia sunglasses" Release Date: July 25, 2023


Check out the new features and enhancements for PagerDuty Process Automation (formerly Rundeck Enterprise) and PagerDuty Runbook Automation and Rundeck Community included in this release.

Process Automation Updates

Also includes all Open Source updates from below


IAM AWS Authentication for Runbook Automation

Previously, the only supported authentication method for the AWS plugins with Runbook Automation was through Access Key and Secret Key. Now, customers can leverage the cross-account, IAM based authentication method for integrating Runbook Automation with their AWS accounts. Not only is this method more secure and easy to configure, but it also allows customers to have multiple AWS Accounts integrated with their Runbook Automation instance, thereby allowing for a centralized hub of managing resources across multiple AWS environments


Key Storage Configuration Enhancement

Customers can now view and configure Key Storage integrations, such as Vault, Cyberark, and Thycotic, using a new graphical user interface (GUI) which displays the various integrations available and the necessary fields for each integration. Users no longer have to reference documentation in order to identify the required and optional fields, these are now presented to the user natively within the product. This not only simplifies the setup and management of Key Storage integrations, but also reduces the likelihood of misconfiguration. (Existing setups will continue to work and show up in the new configuration screens upon upgrade.)

Additional Updates

  • Fixed Cyberark Logo
  • Fix: PagerDuty incident Update, didn't add a resolution note
  • Fix: Unscheduling a Job In Cluster now works across all members

Enterprise Runner Updates

Bundled Runner Version: 0.1.46

Rundeck Open Source Product Updates

Here is a link to the full list of public PRsopen in new window

Community Contributors

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