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4.17.2 Release Notes

4.17.2 Release Notes

Name: "Basilisk turquoise gift" Release Date: November 7th, 2023


Check out the new features and enhancements for PagerDuty Process Automation (formerly Rundeck Enterprise) and PagerDuty Runbook Automation and Rundeck Community included in this release.

This is a smaller point release version that fixes some urgent bugs.

Process Automation Updates

Also includes all Open Source updates from below

Additional Updates

  • S3 Log Import Issue in Clustered Environments.
  • Fix: Switch to active mode with remote execution enabled kills all "run job later" executions
  • Add assumeRoleArn property to ECS Node Source plugin and ECS Node Step plugins
  • Fix: ServiceNow Quick filter not pulling all nodes after 4.17
  • Azure group source plugin fix: avoid including null in groups result
  • Webhook Debug Activity Not showing up in 4.17
  • Fix: Performance issues - HealthStatus Node Enhancer

Rundeck Open Source Product Updates

Here is a link to the full list of public PRsopen in new window

Ansible Plugin Updates

Enterprise Runner Updates

Bundled Runner Version: 0.1.53

Community Contributors

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Terraform Provideropen in new window Contributions (Cathcing up on these... If we missed anyone please let us know)

Staff Contributors