# Automated Diagnostics

# Observability Integrations

Retrieving diagnostics from monitoring tools is a common strategy for easily surfacing relevant logs and other diagnostic data to improve triage.

# Examples

# Log Queries

Retrieving logs from a monitoring tool or log-aggregator is a common first step for addressing alerts and incidents.
It is common to have saved queries in these tools to quickly surface relevant logs for similar types of issues.

# Diagnostic Metrics

Some monitoring tools provide "diagnostic level" statistics - such as top cpu consuming processes. Retrieving these datapoints can help shorten the duration of incidents.

# Mechanisms for Automated Diagnostics

Runbook Automation and Process Automation provide a handful of plugins that make it easy to integrate with common monitoring tools:

# CloudWatch Logs

The CloudWatch Logs Ad Hoc Query plugin allows users to insert a Logs Insights query into a Job to surface logs from CloudWatch. CloudWatch Logs Ad Hoc Query

In addition, there is the CloudWatch Logs Saved Query plugin, which can trigger a saved query in CloudWatch against one or multiple CloudWatch log groups. Execute Saved CloudWatch Logs Query

# Sumo Logic Logs Query

Insert a Sumo Logic logs query into your Automation instance to surface logs from Sumo Logic: Sumo Logic logs Query

# HTTP Request Step Plugin

The HTTP Request Plugin can make an API call to your monitoring tools to retrieve relevant diagnostic data.