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Automated Diagnostics

Automated Diagnostics

Observability Integrations

Retrieving diagnostics from monitoring tools is a common strategy for easily surfacing relevant logs and other diagnostic data to improve triage.


Log Queries

Retrieving logs from a monitoring tool or log-aggregator is a common first step for addressing alerts and incidents.
It is common to have saved queries in these tools to quickly surface relevant logs for similar types of issues.

Diagnostic Metrics

Some monitoring tools provide "diagnostic level" statistics - such as top cpu consuming processes. Retrieving these datapoints can help shorten the duration of incidents.

Mechanisms for Automated Diagnostics

Runbook Automation and Process Automation provide a handful of plugins that make it easy to integrate with common monitoring tools:

CloudWatch Logs

The CloudWatch Logs Ad Hoc Queryopen in new window plugin allows users to insert a Logs Insights query into a Job to surface logs from CloudWatch. CloudWatch Logs Ad Hoc Query

In addition, there is the CloudWatch Logs Saved Queryopen in new window plugin, which can trigger a saved query in CloudWatch against one or multiple CloudWatch log groups. Execute Saved CloudWatch Logs Query

Sumo Logic Logs Query

Insert a Sumo Logic logs query into your Automation instance to surface logs from Sumo Logic: Sumo Logic logs Query

HTTP Request Step Plugin

The HTTP Request Pluginopen in new window can make an API call to your monitoring tools to retrieve relevant diagnostic data.