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Configure ServiceNow CMDB as a Node Source

Configure ServiceNow CMDB as a Node Source

The ServiceNow® Node Source brings CMDB entries into Rundeck as Nodes. This exercise shows how to configure and use some key features of that Node Source.


  • ServiceNow® login with access to the CMDB data
  • (If possible) Add two entries to the Servers CI Class as "node1" and "node2" with other data assigned to that CI.


This exercise configures the ServiceNow® Node Source with a Custom Filter from the ServiceNow® CMDB.

ServiceNow® Steps

  1. Login to your ServiceNow® instance
  2. In the Module Explorer navigate to Configuration > Servers > All
    or type cmdb_ci.list in the Filter Navigator box.
  3. Filter the CMDB entries as needed for your Node Source.
    In our example we have filtered for entries names that start with node.

    Example Filtered Results

  4. In the filter bar right click the last entry in the filter breadcrumbs list and choose Copy Query

    Copy CMDB Query

Rundeck Steps

  1. Open Welcome Project > Project Settings > Edit Nodes
  2. Click Add a new Node Source + button
  3. Choose ServiceNow Resource Model Source
  4. Enter values for Sever URL, Username, Password (or supply Password Path to Key Store entry)
  5. Paste the Query string from the ServiceNow® steps above.
    Our example uses nameSTARTSWITHnode
  6. Click Save
  7. Use the arrow buttons to put the ServiceNow® Node Source above the Node Wizard.

    Move Node Source

  8. Navigate to the Nodes area and search .* to show the SN nodes.

Since we previously completed the Creating Nodes Tutorial to add node1 and node2 and were able to add corresponding entries to our demo ServiceNow® Instance the nodes were merged. Moving the ServiceNow® entry to the top allowed our settings from the Node Wizard entry to drive the settings.

Additional Information

ServiceNow's®Developer program allows anyone to sign up and get access to a ServiceNow® instance for testing/learning purposes. Sign Up at: in new window