# Configure ServiceNow CMDB as a Node Source

The ServiceNow® Node Source brings CMDB entries into Rundeck as Nodes. This exercise shows how to configure and use some key features of that Node Source.

# PreRequisites

  • ServiceNow® login with access to the CMDB data
  • (If possible) Add two entries to the Servers CI Class as "node1" and "node2" with other data assigned to that CI.

# Exercise

This exercise configures the ServiceNow® Node Source with a Custom Filter from the ServiceNow® CMDB.

# Additional Information

ServiceNow's®Developer program allows anyone to sign up and get access to a ServiceNow® instance for testing/learning purposes. Sign Up at: https://developer.servicenow.com/ (opens new window)

Last Updated: 9/28/2023, 11:38:04 PM