# Google Cloud Platform - Compute VM Node Source

Google Cloud Platform (opens new window) (GCP) is a cloud service in wide use for dynamic infrastructure; it is easy to start up and shut down Node "Instances" in the cloud.

# Configuring the Node Source

To configure Authentication please use this page as a reference to gather the information below. Creating and Managing Service Account Keys (opens new window).

Project ID
Specify your GCP Project ID.
Specify your GCP Secret Key. If using the GCP Node Source it's possible to use ${node.zone} and the Zone will be dynamically populated with the region for that node.
Access Key Path
Path to Key Storage entry containing the Access Key.

Note: This node source does not support pulling these settings from the System Configuration.

# Filtering Nodes

Just running instances
Will return only running instances to populate the Node listing.
Last Updated: 11/23/2021, 12:04:40 AM