# Project README

A readme file is a great way to welcome your users and provide an overview about the project. The readme content is interpreted as markdown (opens new window) text letting you format your text and embed images and links.

# Graphical Interface

Figure: Project with Readme
Figure: Project with Readme

# CLI Usage

Update the readme with some text.

rd projects readme put -p MyProject -t "This is the **readme** for MyProject."

You might want to set the project home page to show the readme.

rd projects configure set -p MyProject -- \

# API Usage

Project readme/motd modification

PUT /api/13/project/MyProject/readme.md
Content-Type: text/plain

This is the **readme** for MyProject.

# Filesystem

If using the filesystem storage type only, you can create the file in the project base directory:

  • launcher: $RDECK_BASE/projects/{project}/readme.md
  • rpm/deb: /var/rundeck/projects/{project}/readme.md

If using the db storage type, use the GUI, the CLI or API.

Last Updated: 11/23/2021, 12:00:33 AM