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JSON jq key/value mapper

JSON jq key/value mapper

This log filter will parse JSON data in a rundeck job step and create key-value data as Rundeck variables in the data context. The filter uses the jq library to make jquery searches into the data returns.


The filter has 3 fields:

  • jq Filter - jquery-style filter against the log output for the Rundeck job step this filter is attached to. Required.
  • Prefix - optional result prefix that will be used in the Rundeck data context as the variable key.
  • Log Data - checkbox. If true, log the captured data to the job’s log stream.

The example below will filter the log results of a Rundeck API query. Using the HTTP Request Node Step and a working API token for your Rundeck user:

The API results in our demo Rundeck instance look like this:

Apply the JSON jq key/value Mapper filter to the HTTP Request node step:

Now, when running the job, the log filter creates the following data variable:

So it can be used in later job steps:

With the results: