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Job Notifications

Job Notifications

Job notifications are messages triggered by a job event. You can configure notifications to occur based on different job events or statuses and choose the notification plugin to use like send email, or call webhook.

Notification Events

  • Start: When the Job starts, all "start" notifications will be triggered.
  • On Success: When the Job finishes executing, all "success" notifications will be triggered if the Job is successful.
  • On Failure: All "failure" notifications will be triggered if the Job fails or is cancelled.
  • On Retryable Failure: all "failure" notifications that are retryable will be triggered if the Job fails.
  • Average Duration Exceeded: Sends a notification when the specified duration threshold has been exceeded. If not specified, the Job Average duration will be used. (See below information for configuration options)
Notification Events List
Notification Events List

Configuring Average Duration Exceeded

Percentage of average: 20% Time delta from the average: +20s, +20 Absolute time: 30s, 5m Use s,m,h,d,w,y etc as time units for seconds, minutes, hours, etc. Unit will be seconds if it is not specified. NoteCan include option value references like ${option.avgDurationThreshold}.

Notification Types:

Notification Types the actions that can be performed at each of the events above.

For a full list of notification plugins, see Job Plugins - Notifications

Configuring Notifications

  • Click the Notifications tab of the job.
  • Choose the event for your notification and click the + Add Notification button.
  • Choose the Notification Type from the drop down and configure it per the specific plugin details.
Notification Events Types
Notification Events Types