# Release 3.3.7

Name: "onion ring salmon lamp"

# Overview

# Webhooks: Enhanced Debugging Visibility

A new Webhook Debug screen allows admins to review results from recently received webhook requests for setup and troubleshooting. A visual rules evaluation screen highlights which conditions were met or missed.

# DataDog Incidents

New Workflows steps allow DataDog users to create / update Incidents and add Tasks to Incidents.

# Config Refresh

You can make changes in the rundeck-config.properties file and then get Rundeck to reload the config without having to restart. Check out details here.

# Additional Improvements

  • Option Values can now use Key Storage to access secret information.

# Issues

# Contributors

  • Greg Schueler (gschueler)
  • Greg Zapp (ProTip)
  • Stephen Joyner (sjrd218)
  • carlos
  • ltamaster

# Bug Reporters

  • ProTip
  • carlosrfranco
  • ltamaster
  • sjrd218


For MySQL users: Starting with Rundeck 3.3.4 the MySQL JDBC driver is no longer be bundled with the distributions. See the Upgrade Guide for instructions to ensure your Rundeck installation can still connect to MySQL after upgrading.