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Release 3.4.1

Release 3.4.1

Name: "Papadum blue briefcase" Release Date: July 16, 2021


Check out the new features and enhancements for both Rundeck Enterprise and Open Source in this release.

CyberArk Key Storage Plugin (Enterprise)

Keep your business and its most valuable assets secure. Preventing malicious account or credential access starts with sound privileged access management. The new CyberArk plugin joined existing Rundeck plugins with Thycotic and HashiCorp Vault to provide Rundeck users more options for secrets management. The CyberArk Key Storage Plugin can be used as a Key Storage backend for Rundeck. Use secrets from CyberArk in your automation scripts, Rundeck configuration, etc.

New Webhook UI!

Building on the great foundation of the UI improvements in 3.4.0, we have updated the Webhooks UI to fit our new UI design.

Webhooks UI
Webhooks UI

Lots of Bug Fixes!

Check out the list below to see what made it into this version.

Enterprise Updates

  • Cyberark Key Storage Plugin
  • Enh: Allow Users created in User Manager to change their own password
  • Fix: Import all groups when configuring OKTA SSO
  • Fix: Powershell Plugin - Add the option to change console encoding to utf-8

Core Product Updates

Here is a link to the full list of public PRsopen in new window


  • Imad Jafir (imad6639)
  • Greg Schueler (gschueler)
  • Luis Toledo (ltamaster)
  • Rodrigo Navarro (ronaveva)
  • Carlos Eduardo (carlosrfranco)
  • Miguel Ramos (mishingo)
  • Stephen Joyner (sjrd218)
  • Greg Zapp (ProTip)
  • Christopher McCarroll-Gilbert (chrismcg14)
  • Jason Qualman (qualman)
  • Alexander Abarca (alexander-variacode)
  • Alberto Hormazabal Cespedes (ahormazabal)
  • Forrest Evans (fdevans)
  • Umberto Nicoletti (unicolet)