# SCM Plugins

# About

SCM Plugins come in two flavors: ScmExport and ScmImport.

Allows exporting Job changes.
Allows importing Job changes.

The two types can be combined or used separately.

# Configuring

Each Project can enable a single ScmImport and/or ScmExport plugin.

This is done in the SCM Configuration page in the Rundeck GUI.

Alternately, you can use the Rundeck API - SCM.

SCM Configuration for a project is not stored in the project.properties configuration contents.

# Java Plugin Type

  • Note: Refer to Java Development for information about developing a Java plugin for Rundeck.

The plugin interface is ScmExportPluginFactory (opens new window). This factory type should produce a ScmExportPlugin (opens new window) object.

The plugin interface is ScmImportPluginFactory (opens new window). This factory type should produce a ScmImportPlugin (opens new window) object.

# Localization

For the basics of plugin localization see: Plugin Development - Plugin Localization.

# Message Codes

In addition to the basic plugin message codes, SCM Plugins can have multiple "input views" with a set of properties, as well as a set of "setup" properties. The codes for these properties can be defined in your "messages.properties" file using the following patterns:

  • setup.property.NAME.title Title for setup property named "NAME"
  • setup.property.NAME.description Description for setup property named "NAME"
  • action.ID.title Title for action view with ID "ID"
  • action.ID.description Description for action view with ID "ID"
  • action.ID.buttonTitle Button Title for action view with ID "ID"
  • action.ID.property.NAME.title Title for property named "NAME" for action view with ID "ID"
  • action.ID.property.NAME.description Description for property named "NAME" for action view with ID "ID"

# Example

The Git Plugin bundled with rundeck provides an example.

View: Git Plugin Source (opens new window).