# Storage Plugin

# About

Storage plugins provide the backend for storing file contents uploaded to the Key Storage via the Key Storage API.

The Storage facility stores Resources in a Path-oriented tree structure. Each Resource has a set of key-value metadata, and a stream of binary data (the content).

Rundeck provides two built-in providers, db and file, which store the contents in the database or on the filesystem.

When installed, Storage Plugins can be configured to apply to all storage, or for everything below a certain Path.

# Configuring

See: Configuring the Storage Plugins.

# Java Plugin Type

  • Note: Refer to Java Development for information about developing a Java plugin for Rundeck.

Plugin Interface

This simply extends Tree (opens new window) to store resource of type ResourceMeta (opens new window).

Refer to the Rundeck Storage API javadocs (opens new window) for more information about the underlying storage API.

Service Name

Additional Compile-time Dependency

Your build tool will need to include org.rundeck:rundeck-storage-api:4.17.0-20230925 as a dependency.

See: org.rundeck:rundeck-storage-api:\4.17.0-20230925 (opens new window)

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