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File Copier Plugin

File Copier Plugin


A File Copier provider copies a file or script to a remote or local node.

Java Plugin Type

Your provider class must implement the interface FileCopier:

public interface FileCopier {

    public String copyFileStream(ExecutionContext context,
                                 InputStream input,
                                 INodeEntry node,
                                 String destination) throws FileCopierException;

    public String copyFile(ExecutionContext context,
                           File file,
                           INodeEntry node,
                           String destination) throws FileCopierException;

    public String copyScriptContent(ExecutionContext context,
                                    String script,
                                    INodeEntry node,
                                    String destination) throws FileCopierException;

(Note: Change between Rundeck 2.7 and 2.8: File copier plugins now require implementation of FileCopier. Previously the DestinationFileCopier was required. Older methods of FileCopier have been removed from the interface.)

Optionally the plugin may implement MultiFileCopier to more efficiently copy multiple files.

Plugin properties

See Plugin Development - Java Plugins - Descriptions to learn how to create configuration properties for your plugin.


The destination parameter may or may not be specified. If it is not null, it indicates that the file must be copied to the requested destination filepath. If it is null, it indicates that the copied file is likely a script file, and it should be copied to a temporary file location. In either case, the resulting file path must be returned as the result of the method call.

Script Plugin Type

See the Script Plugin Development for the basics of developing script-based plugins for Rundeck.

Additional data context properties

The data context used in the script plugin definition can use these additional properties:

The local path to the file that needs to be copied.
The remote destination path that is requested, if available.

Provider Script Requirements

The specific service has expectations about the way your provider script behaves:

Script Exit Code

  • Exit code of 0 indicates success.
  • Any other exit code indicates failure.

Script Output

The first line of output of STDOUT MUST be the filepath of the file copied to the target node. Other output is ignored. All output to STDERR will be captured for the job's output.