# Node Executor Plugin

# About

A Node Executor provider executes a certain command on a remote or local node.

# Java Plugin Type

Your provider class must implement the interface NodeExecutor (opens new window):

public interface NodeExecutor {
     public NodeExecutorResult executeCommand(ExecutionContext context,
              String[] command, INodeEntry node);

# Plugin properties

See Plugin Development - Java Plugins - Descriptions to learn how to create configuration properties for your plugin.

# Script Plugin Type

See the Script Plugin Development for the basics of developing script-based plugins for Rundeck.

# Additional data context properties

The data context used in the script plugin definition can use these additional properties:

The user command to execute.

For example, in the metadata.yaml, you could pass the command string to your script implementation as:

script-args: ${node.name} ${exec.command}

# Provider Script requirements

The specific service has expectations about the way your provider script behaves:

# Script Exit Code

  • Exit code of 0 indicates success.
  • Any other exit code indicates failure.

# Script Output

All output to STDOUT/STDERR will be captured for the job's output.