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5.2.0 Release Notes

5.2.0 Release Notes

Name: "Erebus rebeccapurple glass" Release Date: April 10th, 2024


Check out the new features and enhancements for PagerDuty Process Automation (formerly Rundeck Enterprise) and PagerDuty Runbook Automation and Rundeck Community included in this release.


Our 5.2.0 release is focused on bug fixes, CVE remediation and testing. The team spent time revamping our testing framework and migrating tests into that new model. There is also effort being put into the UI code to modernize, and standardize it to Vue to bring performance improvements and simplify building future enhancements.

Process Automation Updates

Also includes all Open Source updates from below

Additional Updates

  • Fix: Add Projects button not shown
  • Update spring to 5.3.32 because CVE-2024-22243
  • Fix: Bug with Oracle migrations from previous versions
  • Update pg driver due CVE-2024-1597
  • Upgrade sshj-plugin version to 0.1.11
  • Fix Runner jobs timing out when under heavy output load
  • Add runners statistics to system report

Rundeck Open Source Product Updates

Here is a link to the full list of public PRsopen in new window

Ansible Plugin Updates

Community Contributors

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Staff Contributors