# Version 3.0.0

# Release 3.0.0


Date: 2018-07-27

Name: "jalapeño popper aquamarine apple"

# Notes

Welcome to Rundeck 3.0, which consists of both under-the-hood changes (upgrading the underlying application framework) and visual changes (a revamped UI).

The application framework upgrade from Grails 2 to Grails 3 gets a lot of technical debt off of our plate, and enables some long-asked-for features, such as SSO.

Our new UI is just the first step on a path towards improved usability and flexibility, and we have big plans for more in the future.

Changes in open-source Rundeck (aka "Rundeck Core") also carry over into Rundeck Pro (opens new window).

We are also synchronizing our Rundeck Pro and Rundeck Core release versions to make it simpler. However, not every release of Rundeck Pro will go in our "supported" channel. We will continue to work on the 3.0.x development line of Rundeck Core, leading towards a supported Rundeck Pro 3.0 release to come later. If you are interested in trying Rundeck Pro 3.0, please visit Rundeck Pro (opens new window).

# Documentation

Documentation is available at http://rundeck.org/docs (opens new window).

Our documentation project is ongoing, and we want your feedback: corrections, comments, and contributions. Please let us know how we can improve it: https://github.com/rundeck/docs (opens new window).

# Changes


New "Jalapeño Popper" UI

The new 3.0 UI is an aesthetic update with an eye towards what comes next. Based on a new Rundeck UI Style Guide, the entire application has been reviewed and updated with more consistent interfaces that make it easier to use, enable easier enhancements and modifications, and improve cross-browser compatibility.

We are still working on this: please give us feedback!


Executable war

The "launcher jar" for Rundeck 2 is gone (long live the launcher jar). However the .war file now operates the same way. Just use the .war in the same way as the previous launcher jar, or deploy it as a webapp.

Official Docker Image

Still "incubating", we have published an offical docker image. Please give us your feedback on this development effort.


We no longer rely on "container-based" security/authentication (i.e. web.xml auth constraints, coupled with Jetty/Tomcat authentication setup.) We now use "Spring Security" for Grails, which moves the authentication checks into Rundeck itself. This enables SSO, Oauth, and other types of authentication which was difficult/impossible to implement before.

The default JAAS authentication method still works, so existing JAAS based configuration should operate as expected.

Pre-authentication modes should work as they did before.

SSO Integration

Okta integration is included in Rundeck Pro. See Rundeck SSO

# Thanks

A lot of work went into the Grails 3 upgrade, many thanks especially to:

  • Alberto Hormazabal
  • Stephen Joyner


# Known Issues and Limitations

Startup error about log4j

If you update and get an error about Log4j configuration, add a line to your rundeck-config file: rundeck.log4j.config.file=/.../server/config/log4j.properties and specify the correct path to a log4j.properties file.

Customizing web.xml is no longer possible

The web.xml file is no longer available. If you were modifying this after install before, let us know how/for what reason. (Typically modifying session timeout or auth constraints). Also, please see Authentication Changes section.

Note that the required role customization (opens new window) is no longer necessary

Must define JDBC driver class name

If using Mysql/other DBs which require a JDBC driver, be sure to specify it explicitly in the rundeck-config file, e.g. dataSource.driverClassName=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

Oracle and other relational DB Support

Support for Oracle is still considered experimental. We have confirmed that it works with oracle 12c and 11g, however we would like your feedback.

Tomcat War deployment

Due to changes in authentication, tomcat-users.xml and other Tomcat authentication modules no longer work. More information about upgrading with Tomcat will be posted on this github issue (opens new window).

# Upgrading

For the most part, Rundeck 3.0 is drop-in compatible with existing Rundeck 2.11 installations.

We recommend doing a fresh install of 3.0.0 and copying your Jobs/projects into it for testing.

If you are upgrading in-place, Be sure to backup import data/configs before upgrading.

If you are using the rundeck Launcher jar, replace it with the .war artifact, which can be renamed with a .jar extension if needed.

See the Known Issues and Limitations notes above.

# Additional Enhancements since Rundeck 2.11:

  • Limit multiple executions of a job
  • Encrypt passwords stored in configuration files
  • API additions: Retry a job based on previous execution, access metrics information

# Contributors

  • Alberto Hormazabal (ahormazabal)
  • Davy Gabard (Kaldor37)
  • Greg Schueler (gschueler)
  • Jaime Tobar (jtobard)
  • Jijo Varghese
  • Jocelyn Thode
  • Joseph Price (PriceChild)
  • OmriShiv
  • ProTip
  • Stephen Joyner (sjrd218)
  • carlos (carlosrfranco)
  • scollector65

# Bug Reporters

  • Kaldor37
  • Nomekrax
  • PriceChild
  • ahonor
  • ahormazabal
  • cwaltherf
  • diranged
  • gschueler
  • jijojv
  • jquick
  • jtobard
  • kino71
  • ls-initiatives
  • ltamaster
  • reno-oner
  • sebastianbello
  • sjrd218
  • turlubullu
  • wcliff

# Issues

Milestone 3.0.0 (opens new window)