# Running Docker Images

Full usage information can be found on the Docker configuration page.


It's not advisable to deploy images to production directly from a public repository, such as Dockerhub. Build a derived image and store in your private repository instead.


See the Docker Configuration Reference for the full set of configuration options.

# Open Source Rundeck

rundeck/rundeck:4.13.0 (opens new window)

docker run --name some-rundeck -p 4440:4440 -v data:/home/rundeck/server/data rundeck/rundeck:4.13.0

# Process Automation (formerly Rundeck Enterprise)

rundeckpro/enterprise:4.13.0 (opens new window) The following example invocation will require an accessible MySQL instance with a database, user, and the required privileges setup:

docker run \
    --name some-rundeck \
    -v data:/home/rundeck/server/data \
    -e RUNDECK_DATABASE_DRIVER=org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver \

# Example Configurations

The Rundeck Docker Zoo (opens new window) has many docker compose example projects. Check it out for use as a quick config reference and starting templates!