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Using Postgres as a database backend

Using Postgres as a database backend

This is a simple guide for setting up PostgreSQL for use with Rundeck.


Enterprise DB (EDB), based on Postgres, is not supported for the Process Automation or Rundeck Postgres setup.

Install PostgreSQL

You can "yum install" or "apt-get install" the server, or you can download rpms manually if you like. See PostgreSQL installationopen in new window

Setup Rundeck Database

We have to create the database and user for Rundeck.

If it is not running, start Postgres (with service postgresql-<version> start or similar).

Switch to 'postgres' user and use the 'psql' commandline tool to access the db:

$: su postgres
$: psql

Once you have the 'postgres=#'' prompt, enter the following commands to create the rundeck database:

postgres=# create database rundeck;

Now, create a user and grant privileges to connect to this DB.

postgres=# create user rundeckuser with password 'rundeckpassword';
postgres=# grant ALL privileges on database rundeck to rundeckuser;
postgres=# \c rundeck;
rundeck=# grant ALL privileges on schema public to rundeckuser;

You can then exit the psql prompt.

You may also have to add a pg_hba.conf entry for this user. See pg_hba.conf documentationopen in new window

Configure Rundeck

Now you need to configure Rundeck to connect to this DB as described in: Administrator Guide - Rundeck Configuration - Database - Customize the Datasource.

Update your and configure the datasource:

dataSource.driverClassName = org.postgresql.Driver
dataSource.url = jdbc:postgresql://pgsql.rundeck.local/rundeck
dataSource.username = rundeckuser
dataSource.password = rundeckpassword

With recent Rundeck versions, PostgreSQL connector is bundled.

Now, you can start Rundeck.

Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL


Aurora PostgreSQL databases on versions below 15.3.0, display warnings unrecognized node type: 378 when processing queries, this is harmless since the queries are executed as expected but can be anoying for some users. See: Aurora PostgreSQL 15.3.0 updates pageopen in new window