Customize the Datasource

The dataSource is configured in the file.

You specify the dataSource. configuration properties.

Here is the default, set up for the default embedded H2 database:

dataSource.dbCreate specifies how the behavior that Hibernate should take when it generates the schema for your database. The default value of update means that it will attempt to create the database schema if it does not exist, and update it if necessary if it already exists.

dataSource.url specifices the connection URL for the data source.

If necessary, you may have to specify other dataSource properties, such as username and password, depending on the type of database. See the sections below for your specific Database type.

Add the JDBC Driver

Rundeck includes a JDBC driver for Mysql, MariaDB, Postgres, MSsql and H2. If you are using another database or if you want to use an updated driver, copy the appropriate JDBC driver, such as “ojdbc14.jar” for Oracle into the server lib dir:


  1. Mysql
  2. MS SQL Server
  3. Security Mode for MS SQL Server
  4. Oracle
  5. Postgres