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AWS SNS Webhook Plugin (Enterprise)

AWS SNS Webhook Plugin (Enterprise)

Available in PagerDuty Process Automation Commercial products.


You can use Amazon SNS to send notification messages to one or more HTTP or HTTPS endpoints. This Webhook plugin streamlines the setup for sending Amazon SNS messages to Rundeck. Along with establishing the webhook endpoint, the plugin also handles the Subscription Confirmation required to start sending messages to the endpoint from SNS. The confirmation message will not trigger any associated jobs on Rundeck Webhook entry.

This plugin expects the data coming from AWS to be a JSON object. The http content type does not have to be application/json because in some cases AWS will send json with the content type text/plain. As long as the data is JSON it will be handled correctly.


Create a webhook in Rundeck and choose AWS SNS Webhook Plugin as the event plugin.

The job is the only required property.

The options, node filter, and user properties can all use data from the payload.

Data substitution examples

If the data is sent using an AWS SNS envelope the Message property will contain the SNS message
-myopt ${data.Message}

If you enable raw delivery on the AWS topic subscription, the data sent as the SNS message will be delivered without a JSON envelope.


This plugin expects the event payload to be JSON

Example raw payload


-myopt ${data.prop2}

You can also get the following webhook context properties:

#a uniquely generated id for the webhook event

#the project that owns the webhook

#the ip that sent the event

#epoch timestamp when event was received

#event type specified by AWS

Raw payload

To send the raw payload to your job you can pass it like this:

-myopt ${raw}


When you set up a topic subscription in AWS you must confirm the subscription by receiving the first payload AWS sends, then using the confirmation url and token to confirm the subscription.

You could do all of this manually by looking at the payload received from AWS in the rundeck.webhooks.log and pulling out the token and putting it in the AWS console for that subscription.

If you check the Auto Subscribe property this plugin will do the subscription confirmation process for you, so that you can immediately start to receive SNS data events without having to do the manual confirmation.