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Getting Started - Users

Getting Started - Users

This tutorial is based on example code in the Welcome Projects.

Adding User accounts to Rundeck can be done in many ways. Process Automation supports Single Sign-On solutions, LDAP Authenticationopen in new window and a variety of other options.

The User Summary tab shows a list of users configured on the Rundeck system.

admin This is the default administration account included with all Rundeck installations. alice and betty (and some of their friends) are configured by default with more restrictive rights. (the default password for all accounts is admin)

Follow the Exercise below to add your own user:

Our Enterprise product has a User Manager section that allows Rundeck admins to create local user accounts using a GUI interface.

To manage existing users or add an new one:[optional]

  1. Click System Settings (gear menu) > User Manager
  2. Choose Manage Local Users
  3. Edit/Add users as needed.

After following the exercise above, confirm using these steps.

  1. Open a New Incognito Browser window. (e.g. File > New Incognito Window)
  2. Browse to http://localhost:4440open in new window and login using alice and pw: admin
  3. Notice that the options under the System Menu (Gear Icon) are limited.
  4. Open the Welcome Project and Click Jobs. Alice can only run certain jobs indicated with the green play button.

These restrictions are implemented using Access Control Policies. The next step in the Tutorial covers ACLs.