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Authenticated users can view job names and groups for which they do not have read authorization

Access to two URLs used in both Rundeck Open Source and Process Automation products could allow authenticated users to access the URL path, which provides a list of job names and groups for any project, without the necessary authorization checks.

The affected URLs are:

  • http[s]://[host]/context/rdJob/*
  • http[s]://[host]/context/api/*/incubator/jobs

The output of these endpoints only exposes the name of job groups and the jobs contained within the specified project. The output is read-only and the access does not allow changes to the information.


Rundeck, Process Automation version 4.17.0 up to 4.17.2


Patched versions: 4.17.3


Access to two URLs used in either Rundeck Open Source or Process Automation products could be blocked at a load balancer level.

  • http[s]://host/context/rdJob/*
  • http[s]://host/context/api/*/incubator/jobs

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