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Release 3.2.6

Release 3.2.6

Name: "nacho deeppink piggy-bank"


The 3.2.6 release of Rundeck includes improved support for building the environment on Windows Servers. Also of note are some of these Windows based plugins highlighted by our Field Engineer team. Using Powershell in Rundeckopen in new window

Many other the bug fixes and enhancements in 3.2.6. Check out the list below.


This release fixes CVE-2020-11009open in new window.


See Upgrading to Rundeck 3.2open in new window for full details.


Milestone 3.2.6open in new window


  • Greg Schueler (gschueler)
  • Greg Zapp (ProTip)
  • Jaime (jtobard)
  • Stephen Joyner (sjrd218)
  • carlos
  • ronaveva

Bug Reporters

  • MegaDrive68k
  • ProTip
  • carlosrfranco
  • gschueler
  • jessemarple
  • jimr6007
  • jtobard
  • ronaveva
  • sjrd218