# Replication

In order to keep a Rundeck Enterprise Cluster in sync, we provide plugins to replicate Rundeck state across instances.

# Job Replication Plugin

The Job replication plugin is a SCM Export plugin included with Rundeck Enterprise. It automatically replicates Job definitions to a secondary Rundeck instance whenever a Job is modified within a project.

Enable the plugin in the SCM section of the Configuration page for a project.

# Configuration

Endpoint URL
Remote Rundeck API URL
API Token
API Token for authentication to the remote Rundeck
Name of remote Project to use, or ${job.project} to maintain the same name

# Execution Replication File Storage Plugin

The Execution Replication File Storage Plugin included with Rundeck Enterprise creates a Rundeck formatted Project Archive for each execution, and uploads it to a remote Rundeck server, to replicate the execution data

Enable the plugin in rundeck-config.properties:


Configuration will be defined in framework.properties/project.properties: