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Upgrading to Rundeck 3.1

Upgrading to Rundeck 3.1

RPM package

Note: There is now only a single RPM package required (rundeck-config is no more)

For convenience the 3.1.0 rpm package obsoletes rundeck-config. When rundeck is updated it will remove this package and take over the files without prompting.

If you need to downgrade and/or install a specific version of Rundeck prior to 3.1.0:

yum --setopt=obsoletes=0 downgrade rundeck-

Otherwise there should be no problem upgrading from Rundeck 3.0 to Rundeck 3.1

If you are upgrading from an older version, please review the Upgrade Guide for the specific version.

Docker using OpenShift

Some changes to the Docker image were added to support OpenShift, see #4826open in new window.

  • The rundeck user's default group needs to be root(0)
  • Any files and directories Rundeck uses need to have the appropriate root group and permissions set
  • Use chown=rundeck:root in Dockerfile with ADD and COPY
  • Use chmod 0775 on directories and files as appropriate

Upgrading from Rundeck 3.0 Using Debian/RPM packaging

The value of framework.projects.dir in the default install of Rundeck 3.2 in the config file has changed to:


Rundeck 3.0.x has this :


If before the upgrade the /var/rundeck/projects is NOT empty, 3.2 will start properly, but if /var/rundeck/projects is empty, it will be deleted and 3.2 won't start until you modify the proper line in to be /var/lib/rundeck/projects.

An error with this message may occur in the Rundeck console at startup:

... nested exception is java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: project base directory could not be created. /var/rundeck/projects