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Automated Diagnostics

Following the Tours

In addition to the library of prebuilt Automation Jobs, the Automated Diagnostics Solution includes a collection of in-product Tours that guide you through integrating these prebuilt, automated-workflows with your infrastructure and tooling - including PagerDuty’s Incident Response.

It's recommended that you follow the included Tours before starting to use this.


To initiate any Tour, click the Tours icon at the bottom right of your screen (next to the light bulb icon) and select the Tour you’d like.

Initiate Tours

Included Tours

  • Tour numbers are the recommended order to follow when using the Tours. This order may not be applicable for all users. See the Expected Result column to identify which Tours are relevant for you.
TourDependencies or RequirementsExpected Result
Tour 1: Configure AWS Credentials- Your AWS Access Key ID
- Your AWS Secret Key
Can run most included AWS Jobs
Tour 2: Configure EC2 Inventory- Completed Tour 1

- Endpoint Region (you will select this during the tour)
EC2 instances added to the Node-Inventory
Tour 3a: Configure Systems Manager (SSM)- Completed Tours 1 and 2Can connect to AWS instances using SSM for commands and Jobs
Tour 3b: Configure SSH Connectivity- Completed Tour 1 and 2

- Install an Enterprise Runner if you are using Runbook Automation

- SSH Private Key or Password for connecting to nodes
Can connect to nodes using SSH for commands and Jobs
Tour 4: Send Diagnostic Data to PagerDuty- PagerDuty API TokenCan add diagnostic-data to the Incident Timeline of PagerDuty incidents

Example Tour
Example Tour

After following the tours, you can now use the Prebuilt Automation Jobs!open in new window