# Automated Diagnostics

# Prebuilt Jobs

Jobs are arranged in Job Groups (folders) based on their purpose or related technology.


Many of these Jobs depend on a method of sending of commands to remote-nodes (such as EC2's). Follow the SSM Tour outlined in the Tours section to use Systems Manager, or install an Enterprise Runner for SSH so that Runbook Automation can send commands to the remote-nodes.

AWS: Gather diagnostic data from your own AWS environment, including EC2, ECS, ELB, RDS and VPCs. These Jobs do not require an Enterprise Runner or an integration with Systems Manager.

Kubernetes: Describe your Kubernetes objects, run commands against Pods and gather logs.

Linux: Retrieve Syslog messages and service statuses as well as top processes large files.

Nginx: Test your Nginx configuration, retrieve logs and curl an endpoint.

PostgreSQL: Test your PostgreSQL server and tail its logs.

Redis: Check listening port, test latency, retrieve memory stats and return slow log entries.

Validate Integrations Checks whether the credentials provided for the specified integration (such as AWS or PagerDuty) successfully connect and authenticate.

# How to Use the Node Filter Job Option

All Jobs that send commands to a remote-node have a predefined Node Filter set to {$option.node_filter}:

Node Filter

This is so that target-nodes can be specified in the Job invocations from PagerDuty Automation Actions (opens new window) - as described in the next section of this Solution Guide.

# Target Specific Nodes

To target specific Nodes for the prebuilt Jobs within the Runbook Automation Interface:

  1. Select Change the Target Nodes
  2. Click the dropdown to the left of ${option.node_filter}
  3. Click on Show all nodes Change Nodes

  4. Click on an individual Node, and click the small Arrow to the right of the Node Name: Select Node

This will allow you to target the individual node selected. If you want to target multiple Nodes, see the Node Filter Documentation.

# With the Prebuilt Jobs, you can integrate with Automation Actions!