# API Version History | Current Version 44

This page documents changes to the Rundeck API through-out the versions. For usage references please see the API Reference page.

# API Version Number

Current Minimum Deprecation
44 11 14
The current version number.
Minimum supported version.
Future minimum version.

# Incubating Endpoints

These endpoints are in "Incubating" status, and are subject to change in future releases.

  • (none)

# API Changes

Changes introduced by API Version number:


  • API versions below 14 are deprecated. Clients using earlier versions should upgrade to use 14 as the minimum version before release 5.0.0 to avoid errors.

Version 44:

Version 43:

Version 42:

Version 41:

Version 40:

Version 39:

Version 38:

Version 36:

Version 35:

Version 34:

Version 33:

Version 32:

Version 31:

Version 30:

Version 29:

Version 28:

Version 27:

Version 26:

Version 25:

Version 24:

Version 23:

Version 22:

Version 21:

Version 20:

Version 19:

Version 18:

  • New Endpoints.
  • Updated Endpoints:
    • /api/18/job/[ID]/run
      • new runAtTime parameter to run once at a certain time.
      • Job options can now be specified separately outside of the argString. Use option.NAME=value parameters, or specify options entry in JSON body.
  • Updated responses for Executions
    • Executions results include custom status strings.
    • Documented timedout,failed-with-retry, and scheduled status values.
    • See Listing Running Executions

Version 17:

Version 16:

Version 15:

Version 14:

Note: this document now has an Index listing API paths.


  • The response for DELETE /api/V/job/[ID] incorrectly stated it would return XML response, when the actual response is 204 No Content.

Version 13:

  • New endpoints
    • /api/13/project/[PROJECT]/readme.md and /api/13/project/[PROJECT]/motd.md

Version 12:

Version 11:

Update: The URL path for Token access was corrected.

In this version, all new and updated endpoints support XML or JSON request and response content where appropriate.

Modified XML Response format:

  • For endpoints requiring API version 11 only, the default for XML responses is to no longer include a <result> element around the data.
  • For API clients that expect to see the <result> element, a request header of X-Rundeck-API-XML-Response-Wrapper: true will restore it.
  • For endpoint requests for API version 10 and earlier, the <result> element will be sent as it has been (described in [Response Format][])

Version 10:

  • New endpoints
    • /api/10/execution/[ID]/state - Execution State
      • Retrieve workflow step and node state information
    • /api/10/execution/[ID]/output/state - Execution Output with State
      • Retrieve log output with state change information
    • /api/10/execution/[ID]/output/node/[NODENAME] and /api/10/execution/[ID]/output/step/[STEPCTX] - Execution Output
      • Retrieve log output for a particular node or step
      • Can combine both node and step context
  • Updated endpoints
    • /api/10/execution/[ID] - Execution Info
      • added successfulNodes and failedNodes detail.
      • added job/options data

Version 9:

  • Updated endpoints
    • /api/9/executions/running - Listing Running Executions
      • Allow project=* to list running executions across all projects
      • Result data now includes project attribute for each <execution>.
    • /api/9/jobs/import - Importing Jobs
      • Add uuidOption parameter to allow removing imported UUIDs to avoid creation conflicts.

Version 8:

  • Updated endpoints
    • /api/8/run/script and /api/8/run/url - Running Adhoc Scripts and Running Adhoc Script URLs
      • Added two optional parameters for scriptInterpreter and interpreterArgsQuoted
    • /api/8/jobs/import - Importing Jobs
      • Added an optional parameter project which will override any project defined in the Job definition contexts. If used, the job definitions do not need a project value in them.
  • Removed endpoints
    • /api/1/report/create
      • Removed due to History no longer supporting arbitrary event reports.

Version 7:

Version 6:

  • Updated endpoints
    • /api/6/execution/[ID]/output - Execution Output
      • XML format has changed for API v6: entry log content is now specified as a log attribute value
      • The old XML format will still be used for queries using /api/5
      • Fixed invalid XML when no format was specified and XML was used by default
      • documentation typo fixed: the JSON format incorrectly specified the log text key as 'mesg', corrected to 'log'

Version 5:

Added in Rundeck 1.4.6, 1.5.1:

Version 4:

Version 3:

  • Updated endpoints

Version 2: