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API Version History

API Version History | Current Version 47

This page documents changes to the Rundeck API through-out the versions. For usage references please see the API Reference page.

API Version Number

The current version number.
Minimum supported version.
Future minimum version.

Incubating Endpoints

These endpoints are in "Incubating" status, and are subject to change in future releases.

  • (none)

API Changes

Changes introduced by API Version number:

Deprecation Notice

API versions below 17 are deprecated. Clients using earlier versions should upgrade to use 17 as the minimum version before release 6.0.0 to avoid errors.

Version 46

Version 45

Version 44

Version 43

Version 42

Version 41

Version 40

Version 39

Version 38

Version 36

Version 35

Version 34

Version 33

Version 32

Version 31

Version 30

Version 29

Version 28

Version 27

Version 26

Version 25

Version 24

Version 23

Version 22

Version 21

Version 20

Version 19

Version 18

  • New Endpoints.
  • Updated Endpoints:
    • /api/18/job/[ID]/run
      • new runAtTime parameter to run once at a certain time.
      • Job options can now be specified separately outside of the argString. Use option.NAME=value parameters, or specify options entry in JSON body.
  • Updated responses for Executions
    • Executions results include custom status strings.
    • Documented timedout,failed-with-retry, and scheduled status values.
    • See Listing Running Executions

Version 17

Version 16

Version 15

Version 14

Note: this document now has an Index listing API paths.


  • The response for DELETE /api/V/job/[ID] incorrectly stated it would return XML response, when the actual response is 204 No Content.

Version 13

  • New endpoints
    • /api/13/project/[PROJECT]/ and /api/13/project/[PROJECT]/

Version 12

Version 11

Update: The URL path for Token access was corrected.

In this version, all new and updated endpoints support XML or JSON request and response content where appropriate.

Modified XML Response format:

  • For endpoints requiring API version 11 only, the default for XML responses is to no longer include a <result> element around the data.
  • For API clients that expect to see the <result> element, a request header of X-Rundeck-API-XML-Response-Wrapper: true will restore it.
  • For endpoint requests for API version 10 and earlier, the <result> element will be sent as it has been (described in [Response Format][])

Version 10

  • New endpoints
    • /api/10/execution/[ID]/state - Execution State
      • Retrieve workflow step and node state information
    • /api/10/execution/[ID]/output/state - Execution Output with State
      • Retrieve log output with state change information
    • /api/10/execution/[ID]/output/node/[NODENAME] and /api/10/execution/[ID]/output/step/[STEPCTX] - Execution Output
      • Retrieve log output for a particular node or step
      • Can combine both node and step context
  • Updated endpoints
    • /api/10/execution/[ID] - Execution Info
      • added successfulNodes and failedNodes detail.
      • added job/options data

Version 9

  • Updated endpoints
    • /api/9/executions/running - Listing Running Executions
      • Allow project=* to list running executions across all projects
      • Result data now includes project attribute for each <execution>.
    • /api/9/jobs/import - Importing Jobs
      • Add uuidOption parameter to allow removing imported UUIDs to avoid creation conflicts.

Version 8

  • Updated endpoints
    • /api/8/run/script and /api/8/run/url - Running Adhoc Scripts and Running Adhoc Script URLs
      • Added two optional parameters for scriptInterpreter and interpreterArgsQuoted
    • /api/8/jobs/import - Importing Jobs
      • Added an optional parameter project which will override any project defined in the Job definition contexts. If used, the job definitions do not need a project value in them.
  • Removed endpoints
    • /api/1/report/create
      • Removed due to History no longer supporting arbitrary event reports.

Version 7

Version 6

  • Updated endpoints
    • /api/6/execution/[ID]/output - Execution Output
      • XML format has changed for API v6: entry log content is now specified as a log attribute value
      • The old XML format will still be used for queries using /api/5
      • Fixed invalid XML when no format was specified and XML was used by default
      • documentation typo fixed: the JSON format incorrectly specified the log text key as 'mesg', corrected to 'log'

Version 5

Added in Rundeck 1.4.6, 1.5.1:

Version 4

Version 3

  • Updated endpoints

Version 2