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Custom Logging

Custom Logging

By default all logs will be written to the directory ${RUNNER_LAUNCH_DIR}/runner/logs. The runner.log is the main log. The operations.log mainly contains information about the receipt and completion of operations.

Alternative Logging Modes

Write logs to output console

If you want to log all data to the console you can do this by setting either of the following:

  • Environment variable RUNNER_LOG_OUTPUT=console

  • System property -Drunner.log.output=console

Write logs in json format

If you want to use a logging system that handles json formatted logs you can turn this one by doing:

  • Environment variable RUNNER_LOG_OUTPUT=json

  • System property -Drunner.log.output=json

The logs will be written to the ${RUNNER_LAUNCH_DIR}/runner/logs but will be named runner-json.log and operations-json.log

Custom Logging

The Runner uses the Log4j2 system to log all operations.

You can pass your own Log4j2 configuration to the Runner by launching with the System property -Dlog4j2.configurationFile=your_log4j2_config_file.xml

See Apache's site more information about configuration of in new window