# PagerDuty Notifications Plugin (Enterprise)

A PagerDuty notification plugin can be added to jobs within Rundeck so alerts go to pager duty. When one of the following conditions is met, it will create an event in PagerDuty:

  • On Start: the job was started
  • On Success: the job completed successfully
  • On Failure: the job failed or was aborted
  • On Avg. Duration: the execution exceeded the average duration of the job
  • On Retryable Failure: the job failed but will be retried
PagerDuty - Notification Plugin
PagerDuty - Notification Plugin

The example photo above is for a notification following a job completing successfully. Select the PagerDuty plugin in a different section to have a different condition trigger the notification.

  • Dedupe Key: This is the incident key
  • Integration Key: In order to generate a new integration key, you need to add a new Rundeck integration into the service you wish to get notifications for
  • Action: The action can be trigger, acknowledge or resolve based on the status of the event
  • Payload Severity: Specify the severity
  • Images: Provide the list of image URLs to include, separated by a comma