# Rundeck Enterprise

# Overview

Rundeck is a server application you host on a system you designate a central administrative control point. Internally, Rundeck stores job definitions and execution history in a relational database. Output from command and job executions is saved on disk but can be forwarded to remote stores like S3 or Logstash.

Rundeck distributed command execution is performed using a pluggable node execution layer that defaults to SSH but plugins allow you to use other means like MCollective, Salt, WinRM, or your custom method. Rundeck server configuration includes settings to define the outbound user allowed by the remote hosts. Remote machines are not required to make connections back to the server.

Rundeck architecture
Rundeck architecture

The Rundeck application itself is a Java-based web application. The application provides both graphical interface and network interfaces used by the Rundeck shell tools.

# License

See: Rundeck Enterprise Licensing and Support

# Features

All of the Enterprise features that are not included in our Open Source offering are covered on our Why Rundeck Enterprise? (opens new window) page.