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A copy of the release notes can be found below:

Release 2.10.8

Date: 2018-03-23

Name: “cafe mocha dodgerblue bell”

Upgrading from Earlier versions


Bug Fixes:

  • Fix an issue causing Vault key storage plugin to not work
  • Fix issue with cluster mode using MSSQL or Oracle DB field types. Note: If using those DBs see #3125


  • SCM git plugin enhancements #3192:
    • Import can delete jobs which were removed from git
    • API updated to include synch status for jobs
    • API updated to allow specifying list of jobs to delete during import action

Other changes:

  • Ansible plugin upgraded to version 2.3.0
  • API version → 22


  • Antoine-Auffret
  • Greg Schueler (gschueler)
  • Jaime Tobar (jtobard)
  • Luis Toledo (ltamaster)

Bug Reporters

  • Antoine-Auffret
  • gschueler
  • jplassnibatt
  • jtobard
  • komodo472
  • ltamaster
  • sebastianbello


Milestone 2.10.8

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