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Rundeck 2.0.0-alpha1 is now available

Get an early look at Rundeck 2.0

We are excited to announce Rundeck 2.0.0-alpha1. This is the first preview release of Rundeck 2.0. The purpose of this release is to gather early feedback and get input from as many users as possible.

As the Rundeck community has grown, we have been learning how to take Rundeck to the next level. Most of the initial work that has gone into Rundeck 2.0 has been in two areas:

  1. Providing a more professional and polished user experience for the many Rundeck users whose primary use case is providing self-service operations and helping their teams collaborate.
  2. Upgrades and enhancements to Rundeck’s core and development stack in order to improve performance, reduce development overhead, and prepare for upcoming features requested by the community

While this alpha release already contains many improvements, we are not done with Rundeck 2.0.0 yet! Your feedback really counts at this stage. We have set up our Trello board to help you leave comments and vote on changes (

Where to download

You can download Rundeck 2 from

To install Rundeck2 on a RH/Centos host via YUM:

yum -y install java7
curl -# --fail -L -o /etc/yum.repos.d/rundeck.repo
yum -y install rundeck
service rundeckd start

Try it as a demo

You can try Rundeck 2 in the context of two working examples. Both examples use vagrant to bring up a working Rundeck server with a project and jobs already set up.

To see Rundeck 2, install Vagrant, checkout one of the repos and run “vagrant up”.

What’s new in the 2.0.0-alpha1?

  • UI cleanup, Bootstrap 3.0 CSS treatment
  • New logo and app icons
  • More user friendly page layouts
  • Updated global navigation header
    • Home page now lists projects and execution summary
    • Projects can have a README and message of the day file
  • Updated Job views
    • Easier to use job run page
    • Improved execution follow page
    • Simplified job edit form
    • Cleaned up execution history
  • User profile
    • edit email
    • create API keys
  • Configure page
    • Improved project configuration form
    • System info page contains links to Codahale metrics servlet
    • System and Security config pages to display key settings
  • Software stack
    • Updated Grails 2.x and related dependencies
    • Java 7 by default
    • Clean up cruft code/config

When is the 2.0 Release?

We anticipate the 2.0 general release by the end of the year. We expect to have a couple more candidate releases between now and then.

2.x Roadmap

Rundeck 2.0.0-alpha is an early release but Rundeck 2 is not done yet. Here’s a summary for what we have in store for future Rundeck 2 releases:


  • Vastly improved execution page (currently in progress)
  • Improved node filter that supports attribute selection
  • Saved node filters useful in jobs


  • Endpoints for project import/export, API tokens, resource put/get, plugin list/install/remove,
  • Continue make API more RESTful
  • Pages that describe how to use the API in the app


  • Options provider plugin to more easily integrate job options with external data services
  • Data capture plugin to enable sharing data between steps and better fan out/in.


  • Better SCM interoperability and broader project content support
  • Job libraries
  • Job pause/resume
  • Job history export to different formats (eg, CSV)


  • Consolidate CLI behind a common front end (eg, rundeck {subcmd} {args})
  • CLI straight through client to API


  • Clean up launcher configuration and directory structure (in progress)
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