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Exciting announcement posted today to Rundeck-Discuss...



Hello Rundeck community,


SimplifyOps is proud to announce RUNDECK PRO. It is a turnkey solution for enterprise Rundeck usage. RUNDECK PRO subscribers get all of the standard Rundeck features as well as a supported and tested enterprise configuration. RUNDECK PRO is a commercial offering that comes bundled with support from the core Rundeck team.


This is all about making life easier for the Rundeck administrators out there. RUNDECK PRO should provide you with peace of mind and free up your time to focus on building automation, helping others get started with Rundeck, and other value-adding tasks.


Is the Rundeck project license changing?

No. RUNDECK PRO is built on the same open source Rundeck code that is available from the Rundeck community. Your end-users who write and run jobs shouldn’t notice much difference. RUNDECK PRO is about administering and scaling Rundeck. RUNDECK PRO ensures that everything you need is tested, configured, and supported for enterprise production use. RUNDECK PRO users get the dual benefits of a fast-moving community project and a tested, production-ready product. The broader Rundeck community also benefits from RUNDECK PRO because the subscription fees will help us fund more engineers so we can push the project forward even faster. If anything, you’ll see more innovation going on inside the Rundeck open source project



What is in RUNDECK PRO?

Enterprise-ready Rundeck configuration

RUNDECK PRO is a tested and supported configuration that is ready to be managed at enterprise scale

  • Your choice of deployment: A turn-key installer good for just trying RUNDECK PRO, deploy RUNDECK PRO using your external Mysql and LDAP/AD service, or just deploy a WAR
  • Tested configurations supporting external database (MySql), external user directory (OpenLDAP, Active Directory), and external container (Tomcat)
  • Supported upgrade path to newer RUNDECK PRO versions
  • Access to embedded best practices and supporting tooling (as becomes available) for scaling, user/project administration, and other best practices
  • This is the 0.9 release so more options and features are coming


Support from the core Rundeck team

All RUNDECK PRO subscriptions includes extended expert support capabilities beyond those available through the Rundeck community

  • Access to the core Rundeck team: SimplifyOps employs the core Rundeck team and RUNDECK PRO subscribers get direct access to that expertise
  • Enterprise guidance: Usage, upgrade, and troubleshooting assistance
  • Priority: Feature request and bug fix priority as well as early access to new developments
  • Rapid response: get peace of mind with a guaranteed response time


It’s a beta… we want feedback!

Maybe you think this is a great idea. Maybe you think we’ve missed the mark. Maybe something is missing or not quite right for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any reason. As mentioned earlier, this is about making life better for Rundeck admins. We want to do everything we can to make this a reality.


How do I get my hands on RUNDECK PRO?

Download it now at:


What does RUNDECK PRO cost?

RUNDECK PRO is the same price as the previously available Rundeck support from SimplifyOps. $5,000 per year for the first Rundeck server instance. $2,500 per year for each additional server instance (unlimited nodes/users included)


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