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A copy of the release notes can be found below:

Release 2.11.0

Date: 2018-04-27

Name: “cappuccino olive music”

Upgrading from Earlier versions


New Features:

  • SCM/Git plugin:
    • works in Cluster mode
    • improvements to jobs page load speed
    • can disable SCM status checks in the GUI
  • Projects:
    • Set a Label to display instead of the name
    • new default: projectsStorageType defaults to db (see below)
  • Job reference steps:
    • Can reference jobs via UUID as well as group/name, so you can rename jobs #3115
    • Deleting a job will check if any steps reference the job and warn you
    • Automatically pass job options to the job reference #3056
    • Notifications for referenced jobs are triggered
    • Statistics (success/duration) of referenced jobs are updated
    • Timeout for referenced jobs is enforced
    • Choose behavior if the referenced job is disabled: fail or pass
    • (see #3040)
  • Job Options:
    • Set a Label to display instead of the name
    • Multivalue option delimiter is available in data context as ${}/$RD_OPTION_NAME_DELIMITER
  • Plugins: admins can disable/enable plugins for a project in the GUI or via project config #3122
  • Job Node Threadcount: can use an option value
  • Job Notification:
    • Can send a notification if the job duration exceeds an absolute time, or relative to the job’s average #3087
    • Separate notifications for failure vs. retryable failure (i.e.) #2864
  • Job Definition visibility ACL:
    • A new ACL access level view is a subset of the read access level for jobs, and does not allow users to view the “Definition” tab of a Job, or download the XML/YAML definitions.
  • Plugin development:
    • dynamic list of Select value inputs for Java plugins
    • Documentation for LogFilter and ContentConverter plugins added
    • Groovy Plugin DSL added for LogFilter and ContentConverter plugins
  • Execution View:
    • Can link or redirect to the Log Output tab for Executions
  • Internationalization:
    • Improvements, and French translation added by PeekLeon! 👏👏 🇫🇷
  • API:
    • Added endpoints for writeable Resource Model Sources (such as built in File plugin)
    • List project sources, retrieve node definitions from each source
    • Writeable sources allow updating node data via API

Bug fixes:

  • many

Potentially breaking changes:

RPM spec:

The rundeck user/group is now created within system UID ranges #3195.

ACLs: Edit Project Configuration/Nodes GUI access level requirements changed:

Previously: GUI actions “Project > Edit Configuration” and “Project > Edit Nodes” required admin project access. Now: only configure level access is required.

NOTE: API behavior was always this way, so this change simply aligns the access requirements.

Potential security implications:

  • users/roles granted configure access to a project will now be able to modify Project Nodes or Configuration via the GUI
  • the same users/roles would already have this access if using the API

See: #3084

ACLs: Job Definition visibility

A new ACL access level view is a subset of the read access level for jobs, and does not allow users to view the “Definition” tab of a Job, or download the XML/YAML definitions.

ACLs which allow read to Jobs, will work as before. To disallow Job Definition viewing/downloading, you should change your ACLs to only allow view access.

Project Storage Type is now db by default:

If you want to continue using filesystem storage for project config/readme/motd files, you will need to set this in your before upgrading:


Upgrading an existing filesystem configuration to db is automatic, and project configs/readme/motd will be loaded into DB storage at system startup.

To encrypt the DB storage, you will need to enable encryption for the “Project Configuration” storage layer.


  • Antoine-Auffret
  • Greg Schueler (gschueler)
  • Jaime Tobar (jtobard)
  • Luis Toledo (ltamaster)
  • RNavarro (ronave)
  • Romain LEON (PeekLeon)
  • Steven Grimm
  • carlos (carlosrfranco)
  • jbguerraz
  • jtobard
  • mickymiek

Bug Reporters

  • MustaphaB1
  • PeekLeon
  • TomGudman
  • aaronmaxlevy
  • ahonor
  • carlosrfranco
  • csgyuricza
  • dbeckham
  • dirkniblick
  • emiliohh
  • giovanimarin
  • gschueler
  • jbguerraz
  • johnpaularthur
  • joshuaspence
  • jtobard
  • komodo472
  • ltamaster
  • makered
  • mathieuchateau
  • pawadski
  • robinwolny
  • ronave
  • sebastianbello


Milestone 2.11.0

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